The Virtual Cricket

Welcome to the Virtual Cricket!

The Virtual Cricket is a Java-based software emulation of the Handy Cricket robot controller. From this web site, you can program a Handy Cricket that runs entirely within your web browser. This “Virtual Cricket” behaves exactly like a real Cricket, so you can try out commands and easily learn how to program in Cricket Logo.

The Virtual Cricket project is part of our work on TechCreation, an online curriculum and user community to support middle school children in after-school technology design projects.

Below is a sequence of tutorial pages that show how to use the Cricket. Also, Shown in Bold, are pages that introduce our on-line “Cricket Toy Box,” which lets you program full sample projects that are on-line. Finally, visit the Open Mode Page to program the Virtual Cricket however you like.

  • The Cricket Logo Interface, Run This Line
  • The Cricket Logo Interface, Command Center
  • Defining Procedures
  • Intro to Cereal Dispenser
  • Cereal Dispenser Programming
  • Switch Sensor and Waituntil Command
  • Cereal Dispenser with Bowl Sensor
  • The Virtual Cricket requires Java 1.4.2. It has been tested with FireFox on Windows and Linux, and Safari on the Mac.

    Also, the Virtual Cricket fits on the screen best with at least a 1024x768 pixel display.

    Please send any feedback or comments to Fred Martin.

    The Virtual Cricket system is based on Cricket technology designed by Fred Martin, Brian Silverman, and others. The Virtual Cricket was conceived by Fred Martin and Douglas Prime, and implemented by Nathan Palmer and Blake Skinner.

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