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SoftwareEngineeringSpring2008: FinalPaper

This is the written assignment that replaces a final in this class.

It's due on Monday, May 18, by 11:59 pm.

I am happy to give feedback on the papers before they are complete. If you would like me to comment on a draft, please send it to me by Friday, May 16, 11:59 pm. I will review them over the weekend and give you feedback by Monday morning.

The paper should be sent to me in electronic form. Google docs or MS Word or some other easily sharable format will be used.

For the portions of your papers that are of general interest (e.g., documentation), we will use an inherently shared format (e.g., Google docs or wiki).

For the Documentation section (below), people should feel free to apportion out the work amongst yourselves. In which case please indicate these arrangements in your write-ups.

The paper should include:

Major Undertakings.

This is a broad overview of what you personally worked on over the course of the semester. This should include any and everything that you participated in, such as:

File Listing.

This is an annotated directory listing of all the files that you worked on; i.e.:

Please don't separately copy the source code listings—but if you have worked on stuff that's not in the SVN, please put it in there!!! Or at the very least, upload to the server, and give a pointer to where the files live in your report.


For the key pieces of your portion of the system, describe how they work. One or more diagrams are essential here.

It probably makes sense for us to agree in advance who is going to document what. We will talk about this in class and on the mail list.


In this section, please describe what you consider to have been valuable or meaningful over the course of the semester. This could include:


Describe your level of participation in the class. If you were assigning a letter grade to yourself, what would it be?

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