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Fri Nov 30

Wed Nov 28

Mon Nov 26

Wed Nov 21

read two papers from the 11th IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications:

Mon Nov 19

Fri Nov 16

Thu Nov 15

Wed Nov 14

Wed Nov 7

We discussed Scott Ambler's article "Defining Success" (Dr. Dobb's Journal, December 2007):

Mon Nov 5

We discussed the "No Silver Bullet" essay from the Mythical Man Month.

Mon Oct 29

Fri Oct 26

Mon Oct 22

Fri Oct 19

Wed Oct 17

Mon Oct 15

Fri Oct 12

Wed Oct 10

Mon Oct 1

Fri Sep 28

Wed Sep 26

  1. we discussed people's Game Concepts
  2. we looked at software from

Mon Sep 24

Mon Sep 17

Looked at 4 games from the Game Links page.

Fri Sep 14

Discussed a Game Taxonomy.

Wed Sep 12

Bonnie Paulino visited from the Kennedy Day School at the St. Franciscan's hospital in Brighton, MA, and we discussed Creating games for disabled children.


(Thanks to Jeff for sending his notes.)

Mon Sep 10

Fri Sep 7

Wed Sep 5

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