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PS1: Introduction to qooxdoo.

  • Familiarity with qooxdoo. The next two classes will be a whirlwind tour through the JavaScript framework called qooxdoo. Without gaining a familiarization with the use of qooxdoo, its features and capabilities, and how to use its web site for reference, you will likely have a very difficult time keeping up next week. At a minimum, you should read the following sections and many of their links:
    • The home and introduction pages.
    • From the home page, spend some quality time with the demos: playgrounds (RIA and mobile), showcase, and demo browser.
    • There is an extensive manual. You should become familiar with the manual, so you know where to find information when you need it. Read the first two sections: Introduction and Getting Started.
  • Deliverables. Answer the following questions, based on your research on the qooxdoo web site:
    • What are five key features of the qooxdoo framework?
    • What is the difference between a "source" version (created with " source" or " source-all") and a "build" version (created with " build")?
    • What are the prerequisite requirements (software packages) you will need to install, in order to use the qooxdoo framework?
  • Due: Wednesday, 7 Sept. at beginning of class. Turn in your answers (e.g., as a Word or .txt file) using the following submit command. Make sure your filename contains your real name or user name. Do not submit a file named “homework1.doc”!!
                submit fredm swe-ps1 fred_martin.txt
Replace fred-martin.txt with the name of your own file, of course.
  • If you jumped directly to Deliverables, bypassing "Familiarity with qooxdoo" to quickly complete the written homework (yeah, you know who you are), now go back and complete the "Familiarity with qooxdoo" section. It really is important for you to gain this initial knowledge and will make your life much easier in coming days.