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Projects: ICODE

“Building an Internet Community of Design Engineers”

In collaboration with Machine Science Inc., we are developing an on-line learning system that enables schools and community centers to support IT-intensive engineering design programs for students in grades 7 to 12.

This Internet Community of Design Engineers (iCODE) incorporates step-by-step design plans for IT-intensive, computer-controlled projects, on-line tools for programming microcontrollers, resources to facilitate on-line mentoring by university students and IT professionals, forums for sharing project ideas and engaging in collaborative troubleshooting, and tools for creating web-based project portfolios.

The iCODE system will serve more than 175 students from Boston and Lowell over a three-year period.

The principals on the UMass Lowell team are Fred Martin, Douglas Prime, and Michelle Scribner-MacLean. On the Machine Science team are Sam Christie, Ivan Rudnicki, and Emily Lin. Phyllis Procter at UML is the project assistant.

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