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Who is Derrell Lipman?

I like to think "outside the box" to devise novel solutions to problems. My interests in computer science are many and varied, and my past research has included such diverse areas as network protocol design; remote procedure calls; code design principles; elements of graphical user interfaces; and recently, the use of robotics and JavaScript to teach introductory- and object-oriented programming courses. I am a member of the Samba team ( Samba is an open source software suite that provides file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients such as Microsoft Windows systems. With Samba, my research and responsibilities have fallen primarily in the area of libsmbclient, a library for allowing Unix/Linux computers to share files with Windows computers. I am also an active contributor to the open-source qooxdoo JavaScript application framework (

I have a penchant for teaching, which has led me to create and manage a number of programs and schools. Through my volunteer involvement in Civil Air Patrol, I gained qualification in numerous emergency services operational areas including search and rescue pilot, ground team leader, communications unit leader, and incident commander; and have since taught many emergency services courses ranging from few-hour single-topic classes (e.g., introductory radio communication) to a week-long emergency services “encampment” for CAP cadets (ages 12-20).

The Civil Air Patrol cadet program has a significant leadership component as well. I devised (and revised, over the course of about 15 groups of new cadets) a 12-week training curriculum for new cadets that provided them the basic knowledge to complete their first achievement (of a total of 12). To provide more advanced training, I developed the curriculum, recruited and assisted the instructors, coordinated the training, and managed the logistics for a multi-day intensive leadership training school for cadets at all levels and for adults desiring to learn more about running a cadet program (Integrated Leadership Schools). ILS ran three times, growing each time, with the most recent instance involving approximately 120 full-time students and staff during the 4-day live-in activity.

My most important activity is time spent with my wife and two kids. During my copious (ha!) free time, when I'm not playing with computers or involved in search & rescue training or missions, I enjoy playing ping pong, and flying around in my Grumman Tiger airplane.

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