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Mobile Robotics I Final Project Demos: Fri Apr 29, 1p to 2p, OS311

  1. Human Interaction Robot by Andry Lora and Michael Bejaniance
  2. Projectile Delivery Robots: A Comparison by Justin Wood and James Kuczynski
  3. Camera Controlled Hovercraft by Andrew Southworth and James Wigglesworth
  4. Live Visualization Painting Robot by Tyler Puleo and Bobby Donald (in Olsen 306)
  5. C.S.R.: Color Sorting Robot by Jeremy Marquis and Roland Louis-Charles
  6. Stair and Platform Climbing Delivery Bot by Erek Croteau and Samuel Toups (in stairwell behind CS Dept Office)
  7. Striker-Bot by Joshua Tracy and Jeremy Arzuaga
  8. Goalie-Bot by Michael Forsyth and Xavier Guay
  9. Strategic Targeting and Avoidance Bot (STAB) by Donovyn Pickler and Brandon Route
  10. ShuffleBot can Play Shuffleboard by Carlos Chen, Harry Vuong, and Nick Anderson
  11. Geargis KHAN Maze Runner Educational Robot by Kevin Dibble, Nicholas Forsyth, and Ashley Hale
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