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Lab 6: Robot Vision


In this lab, you’ll use the USB camera to track colored objects.

Using the camera

See the vision slides on the course web site:

What to do:

For this lab, you should write a program that will allow your robot to search for an object of a particular color (a bin of colored balls and brightly colored objects are in the lab for your convenience).

Your robot should be able to track the object once it is found, in a similar fashion to your light seeking robot. If the object moves away, the robot should move closer to it (hint: look at the size of the tracked blob).

Once you can track an object and then keep it near the robot, you have some freedom for the lab. Make the robot do something interesting with vision.

For example, you might have your robot find a particular color ball, then kick it away after getting near it. Or maybe you try to gather all of the same colored objects into some location. Your choice. Be creative.

Lab Report

Present your implementation, including challenges along the way and the performance of your ultimate solution.

Your report should include:

  • a title block at the beginning
  • robot's name and photo on first page
  • narrative content is concise, clear, and complete
  • section heads for relevant "chunks" of the discussion
  • code, narrative, and/or photos interspersed
  • key photos
  • code also provided as appendices
  • all code formatted in monospaced font (e.g. Courier; Monaco)
  • link to a video of the robot doing its thing (shot with a steady hand in landscape [horizontal] mode)
  • file submitted as PDF


Robots will be demonstrated on the date that the lab is due.


Each partner should submit the report document to

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