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Final Project Proposal


Here you will describe your actual final project.

Each team member must submit a copy of the proposal document.

You will also jointly prepare three slides for in-class presentation.

The partners' submissions may be the same. Make sure that each person is clearly identified as doing their own portion of work in the Work Plan / Schedule section (see below).

Following is a detailed description of the proposal document.


You may re-use anything you have submitted in the pre-proposal.

The proposal itself is a written document that explains what you are going to do. It should have the following sections:

  • Project title. No more than ten words.
  • Problem/opportunity statement. What are you building and why is it interesting? Explain briefly what you're going to make and why it's worth doing.
  • Analysis. Explain what robotics theory you will bring to bear on the problem. Be explicit. You should present a logical and technical argument. You may assume the reader is already aware of the relevant theory, but explain how that theory is applied to solve your problem. Present your analysis to include the five categories that we have discussed:
    • mechanism
    • sensors
    • control program
    • environment structure
    • human interaction
  • Deliverable and Demonstration. What exactly will you produce by the end of the project? Of course, there will be a robot, but what will it do? How will you demonstrate it? As best you can, explain what you'll have at the end.
Include diagrams.
  • Evaluation of results. How will you know if you are successful? This should include some kind of quantitative performance analysis.
  • Work Plan/Schedule. Explain how you will go from proposal to finished product.
Explicitly define three deliverables:
  • Fri Apr 1 (first checkpoint)
  • Fri Apr 15 (second checkpoint)
  • Fri Apr 29 (final project presentations)
You will be expected to turn in code/documentation/data/images of the robot/robotic system (as appropriate) at each checkpoint. Put concrete steps into your schedule, and identify what the deliverables will be at each stage.
Include a table with one column per project member. Put each team member's name at the top of the column. Make three major rows, one for each of the two checkpoints and final project delivery.
Fill in each cell with the concrete things that each person will do, and materials that will be delivered at each stage.
  • Broader impacts. Why is this project worth doing? Who will care about the solution? What impact on research, society, or business will the work have?
  • Budget. Things you would like the class to buy for your project. Include a spreadsheet with item, cost, and URL to order. Total up the costs. Please note: you won't be able to keep these things.

In short: You should be proposing something that you have high confidence that you can achieve, and the proposal should project that confidence.

The proposal should be no longer than necessary, but long enough to include critical detail. Three to five pages is appropriate.

There should be diagrams.

In-Class Presentation

Create a 3-slide presentation of your idea which you will present in class on the same day that the written proposal is due.

Add your material to this:


To submit, upload a PDF only with your real name + "_fpp" as the root filename (and ".pdf" as the suffix), to:

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