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Theodolite, featuring the HiJack iPhone sensor

What is it?

Theodolite on the iPhone will provide users with a way to estimate the altitude of their model rockets when launched. Also, using the HiJack iPhone headphone jack sensor users can collect in flight data from their rockets! The theodolite also ties into the iSENSE web system, allowing users to upload the data from their flights to an experiment and share the results with the world. To use the theodolite you simple hold the phone flat in your hand with the screen up. When the rocket launches just press start and raise your arm so that the phone is in line with the rocket. At the peak of the rockets flight press stop and enter how far away from the rocket you were. The app will then do all the math and tell you how high the rocket flew and how long. If you are using the HiJack you simply retrieve it from the rocket and plug it into the phone. The app will flip over and show you all the raw data from the flight. You can then use the "send to iSENSE" button to send your data to iSENSE.



  1. Week of April 4th - TinyOS learning experience over
  2. Week of April 11th - Create schematics for HiJack hardware and write software
  3. Week of April 18th - Have HiJack hardware built and tested
  4. Week of April 25th - Get communications between iPhone and HiJack working
  5. Week of May 2nd - Ship it



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