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By Bruce Malley and Elad Shahar

Description: SMSy will allow users to forward messages received on his/ her iPhone to their computer. Personally, I'm on my computer a lot and though I love using my iPhone, I find it very annoying to have to pull it out of my pocket when I'm using my computer. Using a tiny touch keyboard on a 4 inch screen when I get messages or push notifications is cumbersome when I could be using the computer right in front of me. To solve this, Elad and I will implement two applications.

The first part is an app running on an iPhone. The app would sit and wait for a notification that data was received (by an outside source) such as an SMS message, a push notification, or an e-mail. The second part is an app running on a desktop/laptop machine running Mac OS X. When the iPhone receives data of a specific nature, it will pass along the data along with information about the data to the companion app running on Mac OS X. It will then alert the user and allow them to see and react to notifications about events occurring on an iPhone without having to take the iPhone out of their pockets. In the future, we may add two-way communication to allow you to respond to the events via the desktop client (such as sending or replying to an SMS message).

Design Plans:

Elad's Mock Designs:

Bruce's Mock Desgins:


Currently completed: SMSy currently intercepts SMS messages, searches the iPhone's contact list for the incoming phone number and stores the following in three separate strings to later be sent to a computer: the sender's full name, the sender's phone number, the sender's message. We have also done some testing with sending messages from the app. This code may be used if we can get incoming strings from the Mac computer application to iPhone to successfully send.

April 10th-16th: Get communication between the iPhone and a Mac computer working using Bonjour. Send text message string from phone to a computer and display it on the computer.

April 17th-23rd: Attempt to send a string entered by the user from a computer to the iPhone and send the string as an SMS message to a contact. Add intercepted text messages to the SMS database so that conversations still show up on the phone itself. Disable reoccurring sound notification on phone for "unread" messages.

April 24th-30th: Enable the use of Growl for incoming messages from the iPhone to the computer. (Time permitting) Add notifications for other features such as other app push notifications, incoming calls, missed calls, new voicemails, service quality changes, battery power, etc.

May 1st-4th: Add final touches such as the icon graphic and any logos. Clean up code. Fix any minor bugs. Prepare presentation for class on May 5th.

May 5th: Best party ever



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