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By Chris Adoretti and Mike Loverme!!!

Description:iCB is a wifi based walkie talkie application designed for large internal wifi networks. Many large enterprises like hotel chains like have some means of communication to talk within the building but often find that walkie talkies are not strong enough to make it up ten floors through all the concrete and steal. Enter iCB and CBDroid. These applications run on the wifi network already in place. They also use multicast so that no server is required. The function just like a standard walkie talkie with volume controls, multiple channels, and a ptt button. Features for future relases include individual calls to users, group/individual texts to users, and a white board for all users to add notes to on that channel.

Design Plans:


April 10th-16th

 (Mike) Get multicast sockets talking between iphone and android
 (Chris) Get audio to record/play back on the same device in real time

April 17th-23rd

 (Mike) Finish back end network connectivity and add in packet format to match current android version
 (Chris) Get audio buffers sent to the service layer to be packaged up in a multicast packet and put up simple UI with a PTT button

April 24th-30th

 (Mike) Take the audio buffers from Chris' work and send them to android and vice versa
 (Chris) Add in the channel selection

Month of May will be for testing and bug fixes


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