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Download Poster: Attach:baseball_charts_poster.pdf

Baseball Charts

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." ~ Albert Einstein

What does this application do?

This app makes simple sense out of complex baseball data by translating data analysis into interactive "infographics" that communicate information in unique ways that are visually compelling, easy to understand and intuitive to use.

Why is this application interesting?

Even though many baseball statistics apps are available for the iphone, most do not present information in a way that's intuitive to people who did not major in mathematics. Parsing through table after table of raw data or studying typical line graphs and bar charts to extract meaningful information feels more like work than an enjoyable diversion from work. This app translates information into infographics that are visually compelling to look at and fun to play with.
Baseball Apps on iTunes: Too many numbers! Too many features! These people are doing it all wrong!
Baseball Infographics: Less is more. Make simple sense out of complex data.

Mock-ups of application interface screens.

Features of demonstration version.

  • core features and user experience.
  • essential features only. add non-essentials features later.
  • data browser is a non-essential feature; optional feature allows number geeks to browse the "raw data".
  • simple infographics and minimal interaction only.

Timeline of demonstration milestones.

  • 04/03 - 04/09: content - gather and analyze data, determine what type of graph or chart to use for each infographic, choose color schemes, design images, textures, etc.
  • 04/10 - 04/16: user - views, UI elements, gestures, etc; fix major bugs.
  • 04/17 - 04/23: data (client) - files, SQLite database; fix major bugs.
  • 04/24 - 04/30: infographics - OpenGL ES graphics, interactive elements; fix major bugs.
  • 05/01 - 05/07: demonstration - fix minor bugs, clean up code, deploy for demonstration.
  • 05/07 - 05/20: ...
  • 05/21 - 05/22: Seminar - Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball @ Pfizer Lecture Hall, Harvard University.
  • 05/22 - 06/04: Data (server) - generate data via server-side scripts, connection protocols, automatic updates.
  • 06/05 - Break: More features - more statistical research, more interactive infographics, more features.

Data Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction and Baseball Statistics

After taking "Data Visualization" with Dr. Grinstein last semester, I have become deeply interested in the fields of interactive visualization and human-computer interaction. The concepts covered in that class planted the seeds for the idea of using this project to further explore the design of interactive visualization.
Why apply this research to baseball statistics?
  1. Baseball supplies an abundance of data work with.
  2. Baseball data is complex enough to be interesting yet easy enough analyze and understand.
  3. Baseball provides a context that most people are familiar with since the game is a popular national pastime.
  4. Baseball is a personal favorite amongst my hobbies and social activities.
  5. Baseball is an enjoyable topic to study and talk about.
Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball
  • This event is a fundraiser event for the Jimmy Fund.
  • May 21 - 22 @ Pfizer Lecture Hall, Harvard University.
Baseball Statistics 101
Up-to-date baseball records and latest statistical analysis.
Everything you never wanted to know about baseball statistics.
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