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Mon Dec 5 2016

  1. Vacation, All I Ever Wanted by Keaton Tagseth and Gerry Pipes
  2. Battleship AI by Kenneth Sanders and Zhao Han
  3. Survey of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms with Mario Benchmark by Renan Campos and Tyler Puleo and Patrick Son
  4. A Q-Learning Agent for ViZDoom by Nicholas Finocchiaro and Brian Thomas
  5. Battleship by Molly McGuire and Jeremy Daigneau
  6. Strategically Targeted Grouping by Brandon Route and Kevin Dibble
  7. Optimizing Robotic Arm Paths with A* Search by Joshua Curtis and James Wigglesworth
  8. CarryMore by Joshua Semedo and Michael Antrobus
  9. NeverRed by Alex Gribov and Donovyn Pickler
  10. Markov Decision in Tonal Music by David Benoit and Brian Chiang
  11. Stock Prediction via AI by Behailu Tekletsadik and Christian Dumas and Xiaoling Zheng
  12. Predicting Winning Probability of Cricket Match Based on Player Performance by Rohan Girase and Sameer Khan
  13. Forecasting Crude Oil Price using Hidden Markov Model by Syed Omar Raihan and Zhiping Fu
  14. Using AI and Social Media to Detect Depression by Harun Gunasekaran and Lekan Osagie
  15. A Comprehensive AI Agent for the Game Contra by Emile by Samartha K V and Aashish Radhakrishnan
  16. Flappy Bird AI by Lokesh Manchi
  17. The Road Most Taken by Michael Forsyth and Nicholas Forsyth

Wed Dec 7 2016

  1. Comprehensive Agent for Contra Game by Aashish Radhakrishnan and Samantha KV
  2. Forecasting Crude Oil Price using Hidden Markov Model by Syed-Omar Raihan and Zhiping Fu
  3. ViZDoom Visual Learning with Neural Networks by Dalton Curtin and Evan O'Leary
  4. Concept Extraction in Clinical Text using Artificial Neural Networks by Shashwath Hosur Ananthakrishna and Saurabh Kulshreshtha
  5. Air Traffic Planner by Sergei Fomichev and Tony Ventura
  6. NLP Fact Checker by Wesley Nuzzo and Joshua Kraunelis
  7. Robot Puppy by Timothy Southwick and Therese Kuczynski
  8. Answer Me This by Ashley Hale and Farzeen Harunani
  9. Minecraft Approximate Q-Learning by John Brown and Ethan Cumming
  10. Megaman PvP Q-Learning vs. Minimax by Robert Farinelli and Martin Rudzki
  11. WalkBot, a Study of Genetic Algorithms by Patrick Donegan and Connor McGrory
  12. Dashboard by Narasimha Prasanth Chintarlapalli Reddy and Jinto Jose
  13. Teaching a Computer to Compose Music by James Kuczynski and Joshua Rodriguez
  14. Doom by Evan O'Leary and Dalton Curtin
  15. Regime Shift Detection An Empirical Study using Bayesian Change Points by Subhajit Chakrabarty and Riya Bulia
  16. Self-Driving Car in a Game Environment by Anirban Mookherjee and Murtaza Shams