About Us

Formed in Fall 2009, the purpose of the CSGSO is to provide social and professional development activities for the students of the Computer Science department, including an emphasis on issues related to women in Computer Science.

We want to share our collective experiences with new Computer Science students and provide a forum for existing students for issues related to Computer Science majors. Topics of interest include mentoring, recruitment of new students, retention of first year students, and guest lectures.


  • Guest lectures: Host guest speakers from industry and academia.
  • Workshops: Host different workshops tailored to the needs of CS majors.
  • Social events: Attract and inspire young CS majors.

Is CSGSO an official UMass Lowell club?

Yes we are officially affiliated with the UMass Lowell Graduate Student Association. A copy of our constitution is available here.

How do I join?

Click "subscribe" on the menu to subscribe to our mailing list. Membership is free.