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Welcome to Center for Network and Information Security! Center for Network and Information Security(CNIS) is a multiple disciplinary teaching and research center in network security, wireless security, systems security, applied cryptography, privacy, and other areas.

As a university research center based in Computer Science Department, CNIS is trying to develop into a world-class research center by strengthening student training, faculty empowerment, program development, and service for the community. Currently, CNIS has dozens of members, including 7 professors from University of Massachusetts Lowell, 1 professor from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1 industrial member from Astaro Corporation, and more than 20 graduate students.

The working environment of CNIS is diversified and advantageous to our researchers and students. Our students are engaged in funded research projects. Our graduates have been hired by companies such as Microsoft, EMC, Mathworks, Sycamore, Enterasys Secure Networks, BAE Systems and Big Band Networks.

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