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Blob computation and tracking

Up to now, we have already compute a color region of interest, and if necesary, we can find some geometric features. We are ready to start using a sequence of images with the main objective of tracking some moving object. At each frame, we have to determine where the object is moving to or -in the case of a mounted camera - which is the motion the robot have done.


In this Lab we like you to write an efficient program to track a region in a sequence of images. It should be useful to use a convex hull of the cloud of points to define the enveloping region. What happens if such a blob becomes partially occluded ?

Starting Code

Here you can find a piece of code for the Convex Hull. Once the convex points are found you can create a geometric form by conecting them using the Bresenham's Algortihm


Computing the Physical Parameters of Rigid-Body Motion from Video

Real-Time Multi-Resolution Blob Tracking

Active Contours or snakes

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