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This page explains how to do a "Hello World" on the Handy Board.

  • Create a new project.
    1. Go into File:New:Project.
    2. Name the project "HelloWorld". Project type is Standard application. Click Next.
    3. It will say the folder doesn't exist. Create it.
    4. Choose processor ADSP-BF537. Click Next.
    5. On the Startup code screen, choose "Don't add an LDF or startup code." Click Next.
    6. Click Finish.

You should now have a project named HelloWorld in your project group.

  • Add the Handy Board library.
    1. Right-click on Linker Files, and choose Add File(s) to Folder.
    2. In the file dialog, go to the bottom and in "Files of type," select "Archive Files (.dlb)".
    3. From the archive "BF_Handy_Board-BSP," navigate to the folder "BF_Handy_Board_Library".
    4. Select the file BF_Handy_Board_Library.dlb (The .dlb suffix stands for DSP LiBrary).
  • Add the directory of the .dlb file to the project include paths.
    1. Right-click on the Hello World project and choose Project Options.
    2. Click on Project->Compile->Preprocessor.
    3. In field Additional include directories, click on the (...) icon and navigate to the folder that contains the Handy Board library .dlb file.
  • Add a source file to the project.
    1. Go into File:New.
    2. Save the empty file as HelloWorld.c. You want to put it in the right place. VDSP probably made a project group for you in Documents and Settings\You\My Documents\VisualDSP Projects\HelloWorld\ .
    3. Right click on Source, choose Add File to Folder, and navigate to the HelloWorld.c.
    4. Now type the following:

#include <BF_Handy_Board.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv) {
    // Initialize Handy Board

    // turn on an LED

and save the file.
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Page last modified on June 19, 2007, at 06:13 PM