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Vision Using VDSP Vision Using LabView

Lab 5: Vision

Assigned: Friday, October 12, 2007.
Due: Monday, October 22, 2007.

In this lab, you will develop an algorithm to detect yellow and pink eggs, and program your robot hunt them down.


  • explanation of OV7620 camera 320x240 pixels
  • discussion of YUV color space; see
  • each camera row is alternately YU pixels and YV pixel -- 160 of each per row
  • each row is a 16-bit word - split into upper and lower byte to extract Y (brightness) or U/V (color) bytes

Practical Method

code is in Vision Using VDSP and Vision Using LabView

  • Use VDSP project to see frame
  • Extend LabVIEW VI OV7620 test (with project file vision_test.lvproj) to implement your algorithm
  • Save results in globals per frame
  • Act on the globals

Student Links to OPDB Writeups

Link to your OPDB cubes here.

Manuel Castillo and Jonah Choquette - Lab 5

Michael Gagnon, Kiersten Lemoine, and Brian Munroe - Lab 5


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