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In this fourth year of our collaboration, Prof. Fred Martin's Robotics I students created egg-collecting robots, while Prof. Karen Roehr's Graphic Design III students created identity campaigns for them.

The robots must collect more eggs than their opponent during the 90-second round, depositing them into the nest at the end of the playing field.

Students constructed the robots from scratch, including mechanical design, motor drive mechanisms, sensors, and software programming. Robots have cameras to help them discriminate between the yellow eggs and the blue ones.


RoboticsGraphic Design
Jonah Choquette
Manny Castillo
David Luong
Andrew Currie

Egg Dump Truckinator

RoboticsGraphic Design
Andrew Sutton
Tor Valeur
Kosuke Nakano
Dave Vaughn

El Capitan Huevo -- 2nd Place!

RoboticsGraphic Design
Mike Gagnon
Kiersten Lemoine
Brian Munroe
Melissa Dion
Kristin Morency
Kayla Isabella


RoboticsGraphic Design
Andrew Sutton
Tor Valeur
Chris Cataldo
Jon Hagnauer
Christy Hodgkins

Demolitron -- THE WINNERS!

RoboticsGraphic Design
Roland Neidert
Rajesh Kaveti
James Hill
Jimmy Reynolds
Erin Hardy
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