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Lab 5: The Egg Hunt!!

Assigned: Thursday, October 12, 2006.

  • reading assignment Thursday, October 19
  • strategy paper Tuesday, October 24
  • qualification round Tuesday, October 31
  • contest Thursday, November 2

In this lab, you will develop a robot to competitively collect and deposit plastic Easter eggs into the nest.


Please read:

Project 5: The Egg Hunt

drawing and actual table courtesy of Michael Penta

Strategy Paper

Please prepare a 5-page paper (physical hard copy) to be turned in at class on Tue Oct 24. The paper should present the concept of how your robot will operate.

  • Identify key subsystems and describe how they will work.
  • Include at least 1 drawing; more if useful in explaining your ideas.
  • Include a schedule indicating how much time you think each subsystem will take. Make sure to allow time for integration of subsystems—this usually takes longer than you expect.
  • Include a discussion of the “Ideal and Real” paper and indicate how you will address concerns raised in this paper.

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