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RoboticsIFall2006: EggHuntReport

Egg Hunt Robot Written Report

Assigned: Tuesday, November 7, 2006.

This is a formal written report that documents your Egg Hunt robot design.


This assignment is an opportunity to produce a permanent written and pictorial record of your Egg Hunt robot design.

We will do the writing process in two steps. A week from today, a draft will be due. The draft should include section headings for all major components of the report, as well as photographs of the robot and images of the LabVIEW code you will be explicating.

I will comment on the drafts and have those comments back to you by Friday, November 17. The final reports will be due on the following Tuesday (November 21). No homework during Thanksgiving recess!


The report should:

See the Chanler/Pantazopoulos report on Angus as an example of an excellent writeup.

(*) Note: If you are not a fan of MS Word I would be happy to accept a PDF produced however you like.

How to Turn It In

To submit reports, use the Wiki's attachments upload feature. Edit this page and insert the text

  Attach:yourfilename.doc Δ    (this is live – but if you click on it, please don't upload anything)

This should go in either the draft or final bullet lists below, and please use a unique filename. Then save the page. When you view it again, there will be a little triangle next to the Attach link. Click on it, and it will present you with an upload dialog.

Attach your draft reports here:

Attach your final reports here:

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