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Installation is a pain. Here is the big picture:

  1. Install Visual DSP++ 4.5 for LabVIEW Embedded.
  2. Install LabVIEW 8.2 Embedded Edition.
  3. Install LabVIEW Development Module version 2.0.1.
  4. Install LabVIEW Embedded Module version 2.0
  5. Activate license for LabVIEW Embedded Module by going to Start>Programs>National Instruments>NI License Manager.
  6. Install the HB LabVIEW Palette files by extracting the ZIP into C:\, allowing it to overwrite existing files as necessary.
  7. Connect Handy Board and turn it on.
  8. Start up the Analog Devices Development Environment, go into the Configurator and create a session to connect to the Handy Board. Set up the session for the HPUSB-ICE or the Debug Agent as appropriate.
  9. Make sure you can see the Blackfin memory from the ADI IDDE.
  10. Quit the Analog IDDE, and launch LabVIEW.

LabVIEW 8.2 (LVE 2.0) Install Notes

  • make sure you have the HandyBoard.dlb file for the rev 2.0 Handy Board.
    File path: \LabView 8.2\vi.lib\LabVIEW Targets\Embedded\vdk\bf537\lib\0.2\BF_Handy_Board_Library.dlb
  • The palette files for the Handy Board can be added to the Block Diagram from the menu Tools-Advanced-Edit Palette Set...
    In the Blackfin palette, right click-Insert-Subpalette..., choose link to an existing palette file, and look in:
    \LabView 8.2\menus\Blackfin\handyboard.mnu
  • with the LVE 1.0, we had modified VDSP's LDF (loader description file) to include the HandyBoard.DLB file. For the 2.0 install, instead add the .DLB each time to your LV project as an external project file.
  • a new ZIP should be created with just the .DLB, the VIs, and the palette menu files. Then, the installation procedure would be to copy the VIs and the DLB to the vi.lib/addons folder. Then add the Handy Board palette file to the Blackfin palette. In the project, the DLB will need to be added as an external every time.
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