Computer Science Account

UMass Lowell Computer Science Department

Use this sheet to obtain a CS linux account

Please print clearly

1.	Last Name:____________________ First Name:___________________ M.I.:____
	Spell name as would appear on University documents, such as course schedule.

	Student ID Number:________________________________________________________

UML Student Email Address:________________________________________________________
2. Please check off your Computer Science course enrollment status.
If you are not a Computer Science major, but are taking a Computer Science class whose course # begins with COMPU, please check off the 'Non-CS major' box and write in the course number.
	CS Doctorate 		
	CS Graduate	
	CS Undergraduate       Expected year of completion: ________
	Non-CS major taking CS course -------> Course Number: COMP_______

3. Account Renewal If you had a temporary UNIX account in the past year, check below and enter your username. You must fill out section 2 above. Renewal Previous username:
Submitting: Sections 1 and 2 MUST be complete and clear, or your account may not be properly created. Bring this form, your student ID card and a copy of your schedule to Dandeneau 405 for processing. By signing this form you agree to comply with University and Computer Science policies found at Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ______________