SPIN '98-99 Program and Speaker Schedule

Date Speaker Topic Location
Sept. 15, 1998
Unmesh Gundewar 
Terie Rixman
Riding the Web Tide 
(A Practical Approach to Institutionalizing Project Management)
Oct. 20, 1998 Benson Margulies
(Retrospective) Code Inspection for System Performance or 
"How did That get in There?" 
Nov. 17, 1998 Carrie Buchman
A Better Alternative to the KPA by KPA Approach to Process
Definition and Process Rollout
Dec. 15, 1998
Facilitators & 
Roundtable Discussions GTE
Jan. 19, 1999 Bill Silver Optimum Software Testing GTE
Feb. 25, 1999
James Bach Good Enough Quality
Joint ASQ
dinner at
Holiday Inn,
Mar. 16, 1999 Carol Pilch A Tailorable Mini-assessment Method GTE
Apr. 20, 1999 Cem Kaner A Bad Law for Bad Software -- And What We Can Do About It GTE
May 18, 1999 Dave Zubrow Performance Measurement for Software Organizations GTE
June 15, 1999 Kimberly Roberts Why Good Requirements Are Key to Successful Projects GTE